Cloud Haskell was originally the brainchild of Jeff Epstein, Simon Peyton Jones and Dr Andrew Black, whose joint paper for the Tokyo Haskell Symposium Towards Haskell in the Cloud, was expanded in Epstein’s 2011 masters thesis Functional programming for the data centre.

Jeff wrote the original implementation of Cloud Haskell, which is still available in the published remote package.

Well Typed

Well-Typed is a consultancy specialising in Haskell/GHC development. A team of developers from Well-Typed rewrote Jeff’s remote package from the ground up as part of the Parallel Haskell Project. Well-Typed remain closely involved in Cloud Haskell.


Tim Watson and Jeff Epstein are currently the official maintainers of Cloud Haskell as a whole. Edsko De Vries, a member of Well-Typed and the author of much of the new implementation we have today, is still closely involved as well.

Most of the packages are maintained by the haskell-distributed organization, with people from Well Typed, Tweag, and other companies that are involved.

The core disributed-process library is maintained by Facundo Domínguez, and the platform libaries are maintained by Tim Watson.

Some libraries are maintained my third parties, most notably d-p-p2p.

Jeff is the author of distributed-process-global, a re-implementation of Erlang’s global (locking, registration and cluster management) API for Cloud Haskell.

A number of other community members have contributed to the new implementation, in various ways - here are at least some of them:

Duncan Coutts, Simon Marlow, Ryan Newton, Eric Kow, Adam Foltzer, Nicolas Wu @rodlogic (github), Takayuki Muranushi, Alen Ribic, Pankaj More, Mark Wright