This section contains topics that are under development and have not been formalized and added to formal specification or implemented.

Registry specification

Problem: current specification doesn’t cover the semantics of registry if the remote processes can be put into registry and if we can send messages to such processes using nsend.

Here is a prosal for semantics that is summary of the email thread

References are the following:

  • Uni - stands for unified semantics for Future Erlang

  • Spec - stands for formal CH specification

  • ML - stands for mailing list


  1. Registry.
    1. It should be possible to register remote processes in local registry (and local processes in remote registry) Rationale: [Uni. Sec 2.3]

    2. If a remote process is stored in registry then Node Controller starts monitoring that process Rationale: (Implicit requirement in because node should be able to receive notification about process death)

    3. If a process dies and we get asynchronous notification then we remove process from registry Rationale: [Uni. Definition 18, Uni. Table 12]

  2. nsend

    1. nsend should be implemented in terms of lower level function whereis and send

    2. nsend is process does not exists in registry then message got silently dicarded.

Possible problems:

Current proposal opens space for race conditions, we should understand if those are relevant for us, and could or could not be solved

a. 2.1 adds a possibility for changing label beetwen where is and send, so message will be sent to the wrong process.